Projector46 For BMW Headlights Sedan 2002-2005 Facelifted Orion LED Angel Eyes

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3-series BMW Projector46 Premium Headlights for Sedan 2002-2005 Facelifted with Orion LED Angel Eyes
Projector46 For BMW Headlights Sedan 2002-2005 Facelifted Orion LED Angel Eyes is available to buy in increments of 1

Projector46 Facelifted Sedan

Projector46 Facelifted OEM Replica Headlight with PredatorTM Series Angel Eyes

1 ORDER = LEFT/RIGHT Headlights


All options are completely plug and play except the Bixenon function. In some cases, you will need to tap the power wires to the high beam power and ground wires. The parts are provided for this feature with all orders for Bixenon.  

Our headlights are built at the highest possible quality. We offer to provide you photos prior to completion and shipping and all headlights are build to exacting standards and tested properly in every aspect (Angel eyes, Xenon, Leveling, Pattern, and Seal)


 1) Bi-LED Projectors Option - does not require Bixenon, Canbus

  • House Brand Bi-LED Single Core LED Projectors pre-installed. Choose this if your car is a 1999-2001 or you can code out any error checks. This provides the simplest install solution without any additional moving parts
  • Other Bi-LED like Morimoto pre-installed. Choose this if your car is a 1999-2001 or you can code out any error checks. This provides the simplest install solution without any additional moving parts and MAXIMUM performance

 2) Angel Eyes - All DAYTIME VISIBLE DURING DIRECT SUNLIGHT (not all options available for all headlights, check drop down options)

  • Orion COB Lite has no LED visible and is 25% brighter than CCFL.
  • Orion V2 has 60 LED, has a slightly more "Audi-esque" look, has a lifetime warranty against defects, is 300% brighter than CCFL. As bright as OEM 2010+ BMW cars. Note: 50% brighter than Orion COB Lite but more reliable.
  • Orion V4 has 120 LED, has no gaps between LED, is 100% brighter than Orion V2
  • Orion V2 Multi-Color  has a selectable mode where you can choose what color you can be in

3) Xenon Upgrades - (not all options available for all headlights, check drop down options)

  • SuperSlim D2S/HX/900X 35W System - AC Bulbs and Ballasts 35W - our price leader, may not work on some cars due to error cancelling
  • SuperSlim D2S/HX/900X 55W System - AC Bulbs and Ballats 55W - our output leader, may not work on some cars due to error cancelling
  • Canbus Pro D2S/HX/900X 35W System - AC Bulbs and Ballasts- our error cancelling system - this may be required for your car, it is the best option if you are unsure and most reliable.
  • Canbus Pro D2S/HX/900X 45W NHK - AC Bulbs and Ballasts - our top of the line CANBUS ERROR CORRECTING System. This is an OEM quality level kit.
  • Denso D2S Only 35W System - AC Bulbs and Ballasts - this is only for use with D2S systems - THIS IS AN OEM SYSTEM

4) Bixenon Projector - (not all projectors are available with each type of headlight)

Click on the link below for more details on the projector types.

  • Bixenon NHK MB1 2.5" - this is our most favored projector setup - it provides you the best of the old FXR Version 4, with a more compact and easily installable design. It allows you to use either D2S or H7 bulbs
  • Bixenon NHK G5-R - this is the biggest and brightest projector we can fit into the housing, but requires at least 2 weeks additional time to build out
  • Bixenon Morimoto  H1 - this is the simplest and cheapest way to get BI-Xenon
  • Others - DD2, LX460, Murano Please inquire

5) Car Models - All cars that "fit" into a certain model year range are applicable regardless of features or content unless otherwise specified below.

6) Clear Film Protection - It's a good idea to purchase some protective film to keep your headlights looking new if you are in a windy, dirty, or often grimy part of the country. Or, if you do a lot of night driving or country driving where debris can damage your headlight. The film will not protect from larger rocks or accidents

6) Color - for Xenon Only

  • 4300K - Pure white with hints of yellow
  • 6000K - Pure white with slight hints of blue
  • 8000K - Pure white with significant blue 

Benefits of Bixenon Option:

  • Requires minor tap to high beam wires on some cars, on others, the bixenon function is completely transparent.
  • BIXENON FUNCTIONALITY - Does your car not currenlty have Bixenons? No problem, this application gives you a setup that is just like the factory bixenon feature without reprogramming, errors, rewiring, or new LCM required.
  • 2X better beam pattern (as compared to most OEM applications and aftermarket projectors) - beam pattern is wider, deeprer and the pattern is sharp and defined.
  • Small footprint for easy installation - dimensionally just like stock and aftermarket headlights, doesn't require any custom fitting.
  • Incredible improvement in night visibility - far better light pattern and prism - see photos above.
  • Works with All Auto Leveling and Adaptive Lights

Advances in lighting technology have improved the quality, clarity, and pattern of newer projectors that are currently being installed inside newer headlights for the very best lighting and road visibility. Now, you too can take advantage of the improvement with an OEM style system that dramatically improves upon an already well designed and quality system of the standard headlights offered here. 

While a little more expensive and certainly not for everyone, the Bixenon retrofit is completely seamlessly integrated into the housing, retaining full adjustability, auto-leveling controls, with no additional space requirements for install.

The major benefits of the Bixenon retrofit are greater intensity, clarity, and dramatically improved light patterns with no associated glare.  And, the major benefit of going with our solution is a fully integrated setup without having to purchase and pay extra for other services. 

Application (Please consult your owner's manual for your application fitment type):

2002 - 2005 323i/325i/328i/330i Sedan (E46) OEM HEADLIGHT REPLACEMENT XENON
Complete Headlight replacement for your halogen headlights.

E46 2 door Euro headlight assemblies complete. Headlights have H7 low and high beam capability, daytime running light capable, are PnPTM (plug and play).

No need to have your dealer reset to eliminate error on dash unlike the OEM alternative if you order the optional resistor pack below.

Product Description (may describe some optional equipment):


Continuing our class and industry leading technological development allowed us to produce the pinnacle of angel eyes for your car. The PredatorTM Angel Eyes allow you to retain the classy OEM look (with OEM Series) of the original halos from the E39 (5-series) but just raise the bar on brightness and provide the captivating powerful halos you want.



  • Updated Look

  • DRL Agel Eyes

  • Very Bright/Neo Modern Look

  • Factory Easy fit
  • 2X As bright as the Competition



Q) What color should I get? I'm looking for a pure white colour. People say that the 4300k color is a bit brighter, but it has a hint of yellow, something I don't want. Am I right to choose the 5000k color? What are your recommendations?

 [üm•nitza] Pure WHITE is 6000K,  4300K is white with yellow in person. 4300K makes more light output, but 6000K has greater contrast.

Q) I assume that 55W is more bright, but won't that shorten the life of the bulbs/headlights?  If so, I'd rather go for the 35W.

[üm•nitza] No, it won’t shorten the lifespan of the bulbs, but it will be brighter. But we recommend the 35W option in 99% of cases.

Q) Since I have a right hand drive car, would you be able to set the lights accordingly for me?

[üm•nitza] Yes, definitely, we can set the car to LHD or RHD. In some cases this can only be done with a BiXenon projector

Q) Is there anything else I need to worry about? Any other parts that I may need to buy, in order to fit the headlights? Do I need to buy an extra "warning light canceller"?

[üm•nitza] No, the Canbus Ballasts have error correction built in. 

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