Headlight Retrofit by Umnitza - Z3 MZ3 1995-2002 E36/7 E36/8 - ProjectorZ3 Original

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Headlight Retrofit by Umnitza - Z3 MZ3 1995-2002 E36/7 E36/8 - ProjectorZ3 Original
Headlight Retrofit by Umnitza - Z3 MZ3 1995-2002 E36/7 E36/8 - ProjectorZ3 Original is available to buy in increments of 1

Headlight Retrofit by Umnitza - Z3 MZ3 Z Coupe M Coupe 1995-2002


It's simple: STOCK LIGHTS SUCK.  Why are you still driving with 1970s technology when you can upgrade! Main benefits of this is decreased eye fatigue at night, improved width enabling you to catch road distractions before they become road hazards, and sharp cut off lines so you don't blind others while allowing you to see clearly.

And your upgrade comes from a company that is the original headlight retrofitter. We've been retrofiting headlights since most of the new "pop up shops" were in diapers. We have thousands of headlights under our belt, why risk going with someone that created their web site last year?

Our retrofits give you maximum flexility:
A) You want maximum value, get the simple headlights with Bi-LED and shroud
B) You want maximum customization, we offer that too!
C) You want something in between, look below and decide what options you want in a fully configured model

All of it is simple to install, requires minimal tools, and in some cases requires no additional wiring.* (see below)


  • 2 Headlights (YOU SHIP YOURS IN)
  • Bi-LED or Bixenon
  • Shroud
  • 365 Day Warranty on Parts
  • 180 Day Warranty on Assembly Labor
  • 90 Day Install Labor (Local)


  1. Shrouds
  2. Projector (Bixenon or BiLED)
  3. Ballast (Xenon Only) and Bulbs
  4. Halos/Angel Eyes (LED, COB)
  5. Custom Paint (PPG Basic, PPG Water Base)
  6. Etching 
  7. LED Turn Signal Bulbs (where applicable)
  8. PWM (error free parts necessary on some later model vehicles like Ford F150 etc)
  9. Wiring Harness

1) Shrouds

A shroud is a simple cover that blocks much of the "industrial look" of the BiXenon or Bi-LED projectors. It is considered a trim accessory and the headlight will not look completed without it.  You can choose to get a shroud that offers DRL LED, or switchback turn signal options, or even a "turbine" shroud look. The options are nearly limitless.

2) Projectors

We offer 3 main types of projectors.

Bi-LED Single Core is an LED based projector that is basically an "all in one" solution that doesn't require additional parts. The benefits are immediate light output, tremendous color/beam flicker, and an unrivaled reliability.  The downside is that if anything should ever go wrong, you will need to replace the projector itself. But the lifespan on these is rated to over 30000 hours, so it is unlikely that you should ever experience a failure. It allows you low and high beam functionality on one light even if your headlights have a separate high beam. Almost all Bi-LED are rated at 5500K +/- 300K

Bi-LED Dual Core is everything the Single Core is, but brighter. Same benefits, but in a system that produces about 30-40% more light.  We have an exclusive house brand dual core setup that is on par with anything offered (or better) than NHK but we also offer NHK products, Morimoto Products, etc.  The key is to choose which one fits your needs based on size of housing, size of projector, and desired output.

Bi-Xenon H1 Mini Projectors are less expensive and built to stay that way. They give you an overwhelming level of flexibility - you can buy cheaper, more expensive bulbs and ballasts to suit your needs AND you can go with warmer colors on the bulbs. Becasue each of these projectors is available as a Bixenon system, you get to incorporate your high and low beams with one retrofit system. 

3) Ballasts and Bulbs

Depending on the projector option you choose with Bixenon, you have the ability to choose color, output, and quality of HID ballasts.  We offer Morimoto, our House Brand Canbus Pro, and many other options we may list now or will be added later.  If you are chosing Xenon Ballasts/Bulbs, you cannot choose the Bixenon option. Our Canbus pro ballasts are designed to eliminate any errors and prevent flicker from the light control modules of most vehicles, however you may need to use a PWM (see #8)

4) Angel Eyes/Halos

There is almost not enough room on a page to describe all the various options available.

Our own products - the Orion V2, V4 production line remain the class leader in bright white optimized color. Orion V2 offers you the indestructible lifetime warranty but with small gaps between the LED, while the V4 is a continues LED ring with no gaps and same indestructible warranty.

You can choose the Circuit Demon Hex Rings, or the Color Chasing (via Bluetooth) app that provided called our Orion Cotton RGB setup.

We also can install any of the high quality Diode Dynamics halos.

5) Custom Paint

In some caes, you may choose to black out the housing, or you may want us to color match to your car's paitn code, or you may simply go with a theme. The choices here are limitless. However, you can also opt to keep the housing "as is" in the natural chrome style that some housings come in.  If we are retrofiting however, it is important to decide if you truly want an amber reflector or wish to have that blacked out. Many headlights just look better without the amber reflector on the side.

6) Etching

Lens etching is a great way to show people how unique your lights are. The etching will not project onto the ground, however it will be visible in most conditions when illuminated from the back (via Demon Eyes or Low Beam). You can send in your design. All lens etching will add up to 2 weeks for a build date.**

7) LED Bulbs (turn signals)

LED bulbs are an easy way to increase the lifespan of your turn signals and color match them. In some cases, you may need CK or non-CK bulbs, canbus bulbs (to prevent fast flashing), or you may choose to go with base level white or amber blinking LED bulbs for your turn signals with resistors. As more options become availble, they will be added to the drop downs. The main benefits are longer life, brighter operation, and faster illumination.

8) PWM

This may be required on some models that will prevent your BI-LED or even the Bixenon from flickering. We offer them on an as needed basis. If you are certain you need one, please don't forget it. If you are not certain, email us first - [email protected]

9) Wiring Harness

We provide a relay/wiring harness that allows you to incorporate these retrofit kits into any hi/lo or even standard automotive application for most JDM/USDM models that are H4/900X/H13 originally.  These harnesses may require some rewiring, depending on the options you choose, you may need to cut and splice (though we'll usually set you up with that ahead of time).

Finally, we offer lifetime warranty angel eyes with these kits, 1+ year warranties on ballasts or choice of Lifetime warranty.  With all complete retrofit kits you can't go wrong with our product line.

Install Tips: 

Generally, it's good to allocate the morning for installs. We are available for tech support via email but only during normal working hours. If you get stuck on something email us with photos.

Most installation for these products take between 1-4 hours. Test each step of the way, do not button the install up only to find you forgot to connect a wire. 

Watch install videos on Youtube for your make/model for headlight removal and reinstall to familiarize yourself with all the nuts/bolts/screws/and push clips.

In some cases, a bumper or grill may need to be removed for proper installation. Consult with an expert prior to purchase.

*We endeavor to provide you every necessary accessory to install on your car. We ask that if you have issues or questions that you send us an email with the product photos (no more than 5MB) so that we can help you with install questions. We do not offer real time support.

**Headlight build times vary from 2-6 weeks average. More custom lights varry longer periods.


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