Luxen LED Phillips Headlight Fog Light Bulb 40W 5000 lumen 6000K

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Luxen LED Phillips Headlight Fog Light Bulb 40W 5000 lumen 6000K
Luxen LED Phillips Headlight Fog Light Bulb 40W 5000 lumen 6000K is available to buy in increments of 1


Luxen  LED Philips Chip Headlight Fog Light Bulb 40W 5000 lumen (per bulb) 6000K with Philips LED

Replace your HID/Halogen bulbs with this LED system with built in heat dissipation module. This is designed specifically for your GM vehicle. The highest power available with over 40W of output.  These are not low grade low quality "ballistic nylon" bulbs that some other brands use.  These have no external fins to get in the way of installation nor do they have fans that can improperly cool the bulbs.

Compare our 5000 Lumen per bulb output vs the competition at only 3000 lumen!

  • When properly mounted, exceeds FMVSS-108 and CMVSS-108 DOT requirements for low beam and high beam performance
  • Excellent option for light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, off-road vehicles, classic cars, motorcycles and more. Will work with most applications. Some Euro cars may require Anti-Flicker adapters
  • The smallest possible diameter bulbs will fit most every single application without the need for dremeling and modifications
  • The components designed to ignite the bulbs are small enough to fit in 99% of high beam/low beam housings, though will have to be mounted externally on most fog light applications.
  • Durability and dependability of LED lighting provides a solid-state, bulb-free headlamp design that impervious to damage from shock and vibration
  • Aviation/Military grade, die-cast aluminum housing and non-yellowing, polycarbonate lens over the CREE LED offer optimum protection against damage from impact, roadside debris and other hazards even in exposed environments.
  • Advanced circuitry protects against voltage spikes up to 600v
  • Constant Current CPU and Anti-Interference
  • 360 Degree Light output

Details Materials

  • Aviation-Grade Housing
  • 16 Gauge Wiring

Application (Please consult your owner's manual for your application fitment type):

Some applications may require anti-flicker harness except those marked with * (all asterisk will not require anti-flicker harness for proper operation but may still throw a code)

  • Specifically designed to fit GM Fog Light housings 880
  • Will fit most other applications.
MOST Japanese, Domestic vehicles manufactured prior to 2012 will not require Anti-flicker harness except some DODGE/CHRYSLER/JEEP products

Product Detail Information:

  • Capable of 12-24V DC Operating Current
  • Maximized 360 degree beam angle, enhance 30% of effective range compared to halogen lamp
  • Stainless Steel Bracket for easy mounting
  • 50000+ Hour rating
  • PHILIPS LED Driver for each bulb (not like some that require only 1 driver for 2 bulbs)
  • Operating temperature range: -40˚C to 50˚C
  • Overvoltage protection to 600v, w/constant output
  • IP67 Waterproof Level

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