Orion V5 Wifi MultiColor LED Angel Eyes for BMW E92/E60

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Orion V5 Wifi MultiColor LED Angel Eyes for BMW E92/E60
Orion V5 Wifi MultiColor LED Angel Eyes for BMW E92/E60 is available to buy in increments of 1

Umnitza Predator Orion V5 - These have our famous Orion V2 and V4 Brightness but with new WIFI Cability for full color spectrum applications from up to 500 ft away!





Application (Please consult your owner's manual for your application fitment type):

All 2004-2009 E60 (5-series) Sedans, Wagons with Xenon Headlights - Specify Type on Drop Down

All 2007-Present E9X (3-series) Coupe, M3 Coupe, M3 Convertible M3 Sedan with Xenon Headlights

This product may fit other vehicles with offset ring sizes. Contact us for details if you are unsure.

Fits All Halogen, Xenon, BiXenon, and Adaptive Xenon Lights

CLASS LEADING FEATURES: (not available on any other competing product) Product Description (may describe some optional equipment):


Orion V5:

Infinite Colors

Infinite Modes

Over 180+ Pre-Programmed Settings 

Wifi for 500+ ft operation.

Simple to Install - dierct to the positive battery post and any ground. 


Smooth LED operation without any glitchy software or hardware. Simple to install and mount. No visible gaps like other LED that are RGB, no issues with exposed circuit boards.  


Orion V5 doesn't require any diffused ring, it's built upon an efficient LED array that has a differently designed SMD system for greater thermal dissipation than all other LED products. The underlying technology for this application is patented.


Just as bright as Orion V4 and V2, for full DRL functionality.


This product incorporates the brightest Light Emitting Diode technology currently available today with proper thermal dissipation for longer life (over 100000 hours, or about 22 years or continous usage).  The LED is used in a variety of applications due to it's longevity, durability, and cold weather instant operability characteristics.


Predator Orion V5 maintains the same efficient cluster of LED are mounted inside the same high polish crystal light enhancing cover that is the same size as the OEM angel eyes, just brighter.

Comparison of Competition: THERE AREN'T ANY

Multi-Stage Clipping System - That's right, no need to decide for only 2 clips. Now you have the ability to install the clip in ANY configuration, 2 clicks? no problem, 3 clicks? no problem? 4 clicks? no problem. This solves the one issue that facelifted sedans (02-05 E46 3-series sedans) with trim piece fitment. 

Carry-Over Features

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • PolyCarbonate UV Coated Rings (for maximum lifespan without yellowing or fading).
  • 100K Hours Expected Life
  • Easier Installation than ANY OTHER KIT
  • 4 Halos are included with every order as well as a wiring harness for remote fade on/off
  • Online Instructions.

Install Tips:

To install these rings, you will need to follow all the existing information/DIY guides we have on our youtube.com/umnitza channel or via our umnitza.weebly.com blog.
There are many DIY details on how to mount angel eyes rings from soldering, JB Weld, QuickGrip, Clips, and other specialty mounting techniques. Choose whichever technique is best suited for your car's headlights and you driving habits. If you drive off-road or on uneven and rough surfaces, you may want to use a heavier duty glue or use tiny copper wire strands to secure the rings, but generally QuickGrip is sufficient on most other applications or using our clips for E46/E39/E38 BMWs.


Once the rings are mounted, the install is very simple. Please follow the same 5 steps for your Orion V5 Wifi Enabled RGBW Rings.
1) Install the power and ground to the battery post power and ground on your car.  If you have connected this correctly, your little SP108 WiFi Controller will display a BLUE LED when accepting connections and ON, or a GREEN LED when not accepting connections and ON.

2) You are provided with wiring extensions, it does not matter which of the connections go to which side of the rings, but make sure the connection is secure to the Wifi Controller (SP108).  If you have power, wait 2 seconds, the rings will automatically illuminate to show you that they are working without needing to connect to the controller.



3) Once the wires are all connected, download the app "LED SHOP" - Android or iPhone only

4) Turn On Wifi on your phone and connect to the SP108_XXXXXX module - you can change the name by holding your finger down on the name.  Before you do anything, take the time to click on the little "notepad" icon on the top right of the app, this is a DIY information cheat sheet.

5) Press on the "on" button next to the name (or make sure it's slides to the right) 

6) Verify your settings are the same as those shown below, if not, use your finger to scroll to the appropriate settings

7) Select "ENTER"

8) Primary "MODE" section allows you to dim and brighten the the light and there are some options you can scroll through as well. You can select even the speed of the mode you choose - for example, "STACK" mode stacks the LED one by one until a full circle is made, you can make it stack quickly or slowly.

9) Secondary "MODE" gives you 180 different "favorites" that are similar to the first page but allows you to set exactly which style/option you want

10) Finally, for truly unique functionality, go to the last screen on the right (right most button on the bottom of the app) and select from various additional functions by selecting the button on the bottom right of main circle where the red triangles are moving.

Here is what you should expect to see when the app is connection, wifi is functioning, and the rings are able to be controlled.






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