Pre-Painted Bumper Service PPG QUALITY

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Pre-Painting Bumper Service:

We now offer a prepainted bumper service for all our bumpers purchased both locally and for shipping*

Product Description :

  1. Factory BMW Paint - PPG 3 stage paint with 2 stage factory clear process, this insures great paint quality, lifespan, and ease of paint maintenance.
  2. Installation for local customers is extra charge, but DIY installation is encouraged.
  3. Painting times up to 2 weeks with average turn around 3-5 days.
  4. Sprayed in a professional booth, just like your local body shop, not some run-down shop with poor ventilation and lighting or someone's backyard.

This is a great way to complete your car without visiting your local body shop. Most bumpers can be installed with a basic tool set on most cars. Of cousre, it's a good idea to consult with the local repair manual for your car or even for the latest DIY tips and tricks.

IMPORTANT: Options listed below are a sample of the types of bumpers and their costs for painting. If your bumper is not listed or you are unsure of which drop down menu item to select, please email us @ [email protected] The prices below represent standard BMW paint codes. If you have a custom code that is not a black, silver, white, red, blue please inquire with us.

The paint code can be found on most cars in one of 4 common locations:

1) Shock tower 

2) Inside Door Sticker

3) Hood Label

4) by VIN number/MY Look Up

 For $295 we will pre-paint these bumpers to your factory BMW paint code:

1) CSL Bumper for Sedan or Coupe
2) E36 Front Bumper
3) E39 M5 Front Bumper (now lower priced)
4) E46 M3 Front Bumper for Coupe or Sedan
5) E46 Mtech II Sedan or Coupe Bumper
6) E60 M5tech Front Bumper
7) E60 Mtech front Bumper
8) E60 Mtech Rear Bumper
9) E90 M3Tech Front Bumper
10) E90 Front Fenders
11) E92 M3 Style Fenders

For $295 we will pre-paint these bumpers to your factory BMW Paint Code:
1) Mtech II Sedan REAR Bumper
2) Mtech II Coupe REAR Bumper
3) E36 Rear Bumper
4) E39 Rear M5 Bumper
5) E60 Rear M5Tech Bumper

*DISCLAIMERS: Because you are saving from 50-75% off local paint prices, these are some minor issues you will deal with as a result.

1) This service is only offered for use when purchasing one of our bumpers. When purchasing the pre-painted service, we highly recommend the purchase of the DOOR TO DOOR delivery shipping option for maximum safety.  You cannot select Fedex as an option for shipping bumpers.

2) It is the responsibility of the customer to request insurance at the time of shipping. We will not repaint bumpers that arrive with a minor scrape or cut. Every bumper is packaged in a cocoon-like shipping package, while the greatest care is made during paint, assembly, packaging, and shipping, we do not cover accidents once the shipment is picked up or dropped off. IT IS THE RESPONSIBIILTY OF THE CUSTOMER TO INSPECT EACH BUMPER/ITEM AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY. NO INSURANCE CLAIMS WILL BE MADE IF THE BUMPERS ARE TAKEN AWAY FROM THE SHIPPING FACILITY OR MARKED AS ACCEPTED BY THE SHIPPING COMPANY.

3) All Paint services are non-refundable. This includes the parts being painted at the time of paint.

4) Paint match is dependent entirely on the paint code, we will not attempt to paint match tow covers, paint samples, or body panels. Exact paint match can vary depending on the age, mileage, and overall wear, tear, and maintenance of the car. 

5) Park Distance Control (PDC) is the responsibility of the customer. Please inquire with us if there is any confusion as to whether you have a 24mm, 18mm, or non-PDC fitment for any and all bumpers.

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