Chevrolet Corvette 2005-2013 C6 Headlight Lenses Zen6

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Chevrolet Corvette C6 2005-2013 Headlight Lenses
Chevrolet Corvette 2005-2013 C6 Headlight Lenses Zen6 is available to buy in increments of 1

Replacement C6 Corvette headlight lenses -

DO NOT PURCHASE NEW HEADLIGHTS! Why spend over $1000.00 per headlight when you can get lenses and make your old headlights look new again!

OEM specifications insure that you will have a perfect fit.

These are assembled to the same quality standards as the OE units. Follow our installation guide on our channel and you'll have many more years of great headilght and light visibilty.


2005-2013 C6 Corvette headlight lenses feature:

  • Better than Original equipment replacement
  • Provides perfect fit - purchase with our butyl sealant for best weather proofing
  • Features proprietary coating
  • Unique anti-fog protection
  • Special UV inhibitors
  • Note: Sold in pairs.
  • Now with 2 year warranty from date of purchase.


1) Angel Eyes - All DAYTIME VISIBLE DURING DIRECT SUNLIGHT (not all options available for all headlights, check drop down options)

  • Orion COB Lite has no LED visible and is 25% brighter than CCFL - may be available as switchback
  • Orion V2 has 36 LED, has a slightly more "Audi-esque" look, has a lifetime warranty against defects, is 300% brighter than CCFL. As bright as OEM 2010+ BMW cars. Note: 50% brighter than Orion COB Lite but more reliable.

2) Clear Film - It's a good idea to purchase some protective film to keep your headlights looking new if you are in a windy, dirty, or often grimy part of the country. Or, if you do a lot of night driving or country driving where debris can damage your headlight. The film will not protect from larger rocks or accidents

  • Clear film 12-20mil thick and include the film for the fog lights
  • If you choose a color for your film choice, the fog lights will also be that color. Colored films are only 12mil for easier application.

3) Butyl Sealant - we recommend ordering this with every single headlight lens you purchase. Most headlight sealant will not be reusable.

4) D1S Xenon Bulbs

  • 4300K - Pure white with hints of yellow - your current color, should be chosen only if you wish to maintain the color but have a spare set on hand.
  • 6000K - Pure white with slight hints of blue - great way to offset the color of the halos.
  • 8000K - Pure white with significant blue - loses a lot of light, but gains a lot of color - should be purchased only if you want to do it for shows


The 6th Generation Corvette (C6) from Chevrolet 2005 to 2013 was the first model year to offer exposed headlights since the 1st generation (C1) was offered back in 1956.  The C6 Corvette production was over 215K cars. 

In 2005, General Motors introduced the C6 Corvette with a clear plexiglass/acrylic cover for the headlights.  Over time, the headlight lenses would have many issues from severe UV Exposure fading, to visible micro-fissures in the seals between the outer cover and the inner cover, and just failure due to repeated road debris impacts. Normal wear and abuse from exposure sun, car washes, dirt, sand and road debris. 

As recently as 2015, General Motors (GM) continued to provide production lenses in limited quantities through the original OEM supplier. 

However, in the summer of 2016, GM discontinued the production of not only the lenses but also the complete headlight assemblies. Currently, the only way to replace your headlights or lenses is sourcing through used/salvage channels.

New headlight assemblies original cost was $975-1200 per side. C6 replacement lenses ranged from $250-499 per pair. We're seeking to build about 500 units that we will pre-sell at $250 per set in single unit quantities to the kickstarter backers and sell at $450 per set with full production.  We need some help.   To get this product on the road, we only need .2% of total vehicle production. That's right, not even 1% of total vehicles on the road are required to get this project off the ground. We know we can do it!

(PS: This does not include headlight assemblies nor new weather strippping)


We have 15 years experience working with our existing factories to manufacture a new line of high performance replacement lenses for the C6 Corvette. These reproductions lenses will fit all Years and all Models that are C6 Corvettes from 2005 to 2013. Each lense will have a special engraving sequential number denoting the build sequence.

This is a high quality mold with UV protection coating, anti-glare, perfect OEM fit and finish, and we're doing it at a significantly reduced price as compared to the originals from GM.

We have already invested over $15K in the initial design, prototyping, legal fees, and various other miscellaneous fees. We're looking to get a little help from the same community of users that will benefit the most from getting this project off the ground.

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